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Baseball Is Back: Blue Wire Boasts Murderers’ Row of MLB Podcasts

Sports are back and Blue Wire has you covered. Major League Baseball will be the first of the four major American sports to begin play this week after the pandemic forced the league to delay the start of the season by several months. The 60-game season will start on Thursday with Yankees @ Nationals at 7 P.M. ET and Giants @ Dodgers at 10 P.M. E.T. Every other team will open on Friday.

In addition to the enhanced health & safety procedures (most notably, no spitting), baseball has announced several other new rule changes for this season. Both leagues will now have a universal Designated Hitter for the first time, pitchers will now be required to face a minimum of three batters, and a runner will be placed on 2nd base at the start of each half-inning during extra-inning play.

Blue Wire has local and national coverage on its podcast network, including some of its biggest podcasts like Bronx Pinstripes (NY Yankees Podcast), The Compound with Cubs CF Ian Happ, Cubs Related, and The Walk Off with Holden Kushner and Ryan Spaeder. Here is some of the great recent content from our shows:

Bronx Pinstripes: Yankees crush Mets in exhibition, Domingo German’s flip-flop & Fake crowd noise & A Brief History: Babe Ruth’s bellyache heard ‘round the world

The Compound: Kris Bryant, Who Says No 

Cubs Related: Jason Kipnis & Nico Hoerner’s Roles Clarified, Kyle Hendricks Named Opening Starter

The Walk Off: Mike Schmidt Interview

The Pitching Nerd: Episode 12: Gary Ward

To subscribe to these shows on Apple Podcasts, click on their latest episode and hit subscribe at the top of the page. For all of Blue Wire’s baseball coverage, visit the home page and search under the baseball category.

Blue Wire News: Network Adds Nine Football Podcasts

In another big week for Blue Wire, we are pleased to announce the addition of nine new football podcasts to the network. The podcasts cover the NFL, college football, and fantasy football at both the collegiate and professional levels. As football (hopefully) comes back, Blue Wire continues to strategically build out its coverage of the sport in the podcasting space. Here are more details on these new additions.

As far as NFL podcasts go, Blue Wire wants to welcome four new podcasts, including three that will cover previously untapped markets for the network.

Hosted by Buffalo Bills season ticket holder Drew Gier and produced by former radio production assistant Chris Krueger, The Rockpile Report will cover one of the most exciting young teams in the NFL this season. These guys bring a ton of energy to their Bills coverage, matching the well-known passion of the fan base they are apart of. They bring on media personalities and players as guests, so each episode gives the listener a little something different. supplements its excellent written coverage of the Steelers with its podcast now on Blue Wire. They have all the news on the latest Steelers topics, excellent interviews with players and coaches, and more all on the SN podcast. Recent guests include former Steelers player and current Cardinals LB coach Levon Kirkland, Steelers reporter Ed Bouchette, and former special teams captain Robert Golden.

The Roar is a completely new Carolina Panthers podcast, launching on Blue Wire. Long-time radio personality and owner of the website John Ellis is joined by film guru Billy Marshall to break down all angles of the Panthers. John brings his big personality to the mic and Brandon brings his analysis. They may not always agree, but one thing is for sure: It will be the most unfiltered, honest Panthers coverage you’ll find out there.

Blue Wire continues to boast the most complete 49ers coverage in the podcast space. Coming from SB Nation, The Better Rivals podcast joins Striking Gold, Candlestick Chronicles, and the 49ers Rush Podcast in covering the 49ers for Blue Wire. These two mix analytics and film into their 49ers breakdowns and should make a great addition to the existing 49ers podcasts on Blue Wire. Their feed will be starting over on Blue Wire, so stay tuned for their first episode coming soon.

In addition to team coverage of the NFL, Blue Wire is also adding to its fantasy football coverage. We have secured three new podcasts that will have you covered from college to pro for all your fantasy football needs.

The Fantasy Points Podcast is the new audio branch for They will discuss fantasy football, DFS, and NFL betting on their twice-weekly episodes. The show will be hosted by a rotating cast of the biggest names in the industry like Greg Cosell from NFL Films, John Hanson, Adam Caplan and Joe Dolan from Sirius XM, and a plethora of analysts from Check out their latest episodes here.

Destination Devy fills a different niche for Blue Wire’s fantasy football coverage. Host Ray Garvin focuses exclusively on the college game and who you should target in your Devy leagues for the upcoming season. He joins Rotoviz’s Dynasty Command Center and Dynasty Tradecast as the Blue Wire podcasts solely dedicated to covering dynasty fantasy football formats. Ray has risen quickly in the fantasy football world, and we are thrilled to support his continuing ascent in the space.

Clock Dodgers is the third fantasy football podcast we have added to the network. They take a more holistic view of the fantasy football landscape, covering both traditional and dynasty leagues. The shows brings you expert analysis and entertainment through games, rankings, and debates. It’s the perfect balance of analytics and film combined with in-depth guest interviews. The podcast is hosted by Josh Crocker, and Adam Cahill, and Blue Wire’s own Neal Maligno.

Finally, the network has started expanding more into college football with two more podcast additions.

College to Canton is the newest show on the Rotoviz platform. Host Travis May and special guests will take you on a journey to every corner of the football world. C2C will cover everything from college recruiting to the NFL Draft, from daily to dynasty fantasy football, exciting new trends in analytics, and much more. Episodes will often look at things through a fantasy football lens, but the focus will always be on what takes football players from College to Canton. Check out the Rotoviz website or Rotoviz Radio for more of their content.

Blue Wire is happy to once again partner with John Michaels for his latest show, the State of Miami Podcast. The former host of A-Town Stomp, an Atlanta Falcons podcast, will now discuss all things related to Miami Hurricanes football. John will break down Canes football with unfiltered insight, great guests, and a ton of Miami Hurricanes passion. This move is part of of Blue Wire’s search for more college football content as the season approaches in the fall.

To find all of our NFL, college, and fantasy football coverage, visit and search our categories for more podcasts. Welcome to the team, everyone.

Blue Wire Announces Three New Partnerships

Blue Wire has struck deals with Brooklinen, Parce Rum and Manscaped to be new partners with the network. During a challenging period without sports, Blue Wire remained creative and consistent with its content. We made our first dive into historic and original narrative content with The City of Champions and Golden Goal series while continuing the other great content on the network. These new partnerships with Brooklinen, Parce Rum and Manscaped reflect that hard work across the network as advertisers now know they can count on Blue Wire to deliver no matter the circumstances.

Brooklinen identified Puck Bunnies as a great fit to work with their product. Audrey Bowler and Christina Squiers are two strong, opinionated women in the hockey media that cover everything NHL on their podcast. Brooklinen wanted to support these two women in a male-dominated space. Their sheets, comforters, robes, candles, and more can be found on their website Make sure to use the promo code BLUEWIRE for 10% off and free shipping.

The Compound, hosted by Cubs CF Ian Happ, is partnering with Parce Rum on its podcast for the duration of the 2020 MLB season. Ian is one of several athletes on the list that have chosen to join Blue Wire this summer. That also includes names like Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird, and Greg Olsen. Parce Rum saw Ian’s podcast as a great way to promote its brand as the best Columbian rum in the market. Visit for more details.

Finally, Blue Wire is excited to announce a deal with Manscaped that will include several podcasts. Manscaped selected 20 podcasts across the network that it saw as a good fit to work with their shaving and other male grooming products. If you want to learn more about what Manscaped offers, visit the link here, and make sure to listen to your favorite podcasts like Bronx Pinstripes, Rotoviz Radio, Always Cheating, Dropping The Gloves, Veteran’s Minimum, Raider Cody, and more for their customized promotional codes.

These deals coincide with industry-wide news about the growth of advertising in the podcast space. The Interactive Advertising Buereau just released a study that found advertising revenue was up 48% across the industry in 2019 and is still up 14.7% this year from that despite the pandemic. Blue Wire will continue to explore mutually beneficial partnerships like these three as sports re-enter the picture.

Blue Wire Q&A: VP Of Content Peter Moses

We are excited to introduce our newest editorial series: Blue Wire Q&A. We will speak with members of the Blue Wire team each week about podcasting trends in business, marketing, and more. The first installment of the series is with Blue Wire’s VP of Content, Peter Moses. Peter joined the network in 2019 after working for almost a decade as a producer in the Los Angeles area. He now oversees all of Blue Wire’s narrative projects, studio productions and original content. He also still does comedy and hosts two podcasts on the network: Air Buds and The Rebuild.

Recently, Peter oversaw the production for Golden Goal, a narrative podcast series about soccer legends and the moments that made them, and TE1, a mini-series from Greg Olsen about the history of the tight end position. We chatted with Peter this week about the shift to narrative content and his recent projects for Blue Wire.

Q: What is it about podcasting that makes it a good medium for narrative content?

A: People like good stories in all forms: audio, visual, literature. It may not be better than those other mediums, but we’re focused on telling good stories as well as we can that give Blue Wire an identifiable voice. Furthermore, we want our podcasters to be proud of the content we’re creating and excited to share and be affiliated with it.

Q: Why does it make sense for Blue Wire to pursue these narrative projects now? How can it help the company grow?

A: This is the natural step for how we can grow as a company. The regional network podcasts are the lifeblood of what we’ve built to this point. We have been developing an original content strategy since December 2019 and the pandemic just amplified our need to continue down this path. Audio breeds audio. When our podcasters are excited about the content we’re creating, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Q: What did you see in Golden Goal and TE1 that made them a good fit for original series?

A: These were both a byproduct of market strategy and opportunity. We want to execute on content that can be discovered for years to come. Greg Olsen is someone who has a long career ahead of him in sports media, so getting a chance to work with him was a no brainer.

Q: How can a narrative podcast like Golden Goal help amplify existing talent on the network like Brandon Kelley and Adam Snavely?

A: Our network is full of crazy talented people. When we’re exploring new ideas, the first place we look for talent is our own network. Every one of our hosts has so much going on outside of their podcasts that if we think there’s a chance to work with someone, we’re always going to pursue it.

Q: How can a project help a current or former athlete like Greg Olsen expand their platform?

A: Greg wanted to do something that was going to stand out, which is a credit to him. He’s been smart, hardworking and selfless throughout the entire process. He’s made our work easier and infinitely more enjoyable. A lot of athletes don’t have the time in their schedule to deliver on a classic weekly podcast, so it was important for us to set expectations for both him and the listeners from the top. We think that we have the creativity and production flexibility to help any athlete accomplish their podcast goals.

Q: What about these projects makes them unique? What about them is going to surprise people?

A: I think these projects are unique to us right now because we’re stepping into a new arena. People have been making incredible podcasts in and out of sports media for almost two decades. Our goal is to tell smart, funny, interesting and engaging stories in as many different formats as possible. Golden Goal is 10-minute narrated stories. TE1 is in-depth conversations with NFL Hall of Famers. I hope that when you look back at our content library a year from now, people are surprised by the variety of content.

Q: What have you learned from Blue Wire’s original projects so far?

A: We’re building the plane as it’s taking off. I’m learning something new every day. I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who are much more talented than I am. As we release more shows, we’ll continue to better understand what works and what doesn’t. I’m not doing my job if I’m not open to learning how to do things better. Hopefully, in July 2021, we can look back and say “This show was successful because of X. This one could have been better because of Y. This producer was great because of A, B and C.” Also, in a year it would be nice to have this conversation at a bar or coffee shop. If you’re reading this, please wear a mask so I can resume my social drinking habit. Thanks!

To subscribe to Blue Wire’s latest narrative project, Golden Goal, on Apple Podcasts, click here or search for it in your favorite podcast player. For more updates on Blue Wire’s latest narrative projects, make sure to follow us on Twitter @bluewirepods.


Introducing Blue Wire’s Newest Podcast, 52 Weeks Of Hustle

As Blue Wire continues to expand in areas in and around sports, we are proud to announce our latest addition to the network, 52 Weeks Of Hustle. Hosted by NBA and MLB Executive Travis Apple, the podcast features conversations with top ranking professionals in the sports industry as they discuss their current career, the bumps they experienced along the way, and any advice they have for the listeners. Recent guests include names like Jacob Gallagher, the Chief Revenue Officer of the Charlotte Hornets, and Jamie Spencer, the VP of Business Development for the Minnesota Wild.

Travis is a star in his own right. He currently serves as the CRO for Event Dynamic, a company that specializes in maximizing revenue and increasing attendance for events. Prior to that, he was the VP of Ticket Sales & Service for the Miami Marlins, The Phoenix Suns and worked in the NBA League Office. Travis has a ton of knowledge about and connections within the sports business community. We can’t wait for him to share that with you.

52 Weeks of Hustle also represents Blue Wire’s continual search for podcasts that fill a unique niche within the sports industry. It will join Nick Hayden’s Sports Biz Pod as one of two sports business podcasts on the network. Episodes will be released every Wednesday. To subscribe, visit the link here on Apple Podcasts or search 52 Weeks Of Hustle on your favorite podcast player. Welcome to the team, Travis.

Greg Olsen Announces New Podcast Series On Blue Wire

Greg Olsen is joining Blue Wire with his new mini-podcast series on the network called “TE1” that will air later this summer. This seven-episode series will chronicle the evolution of the tight end position in the NFL over the last 60 years through Olsen’s interviews with some of the most influential players to ever play the position.

The series has raw and honest conversations with some of the greats like Shannon Sharpe, Rob Gronkowski and Tony Gonzalez that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. He also dives into the development of the position over time in his discussions with former Bears TE Mike Ditka talking about what is was like to play tight end in the 60s and Bears Rookie TE Cole Kmet on the modern style of the position.

“As we release our first batch of original content, I’m grateful that Greg took a chance on us,” lead producer Peter Moses said of the project.  “Our sole focus was to put him in the best position to succeed throughout production. Greg made that easy with his completely affable and selfless approach. The quality of any podcast rests largely on the shoulders of the host and I couldn’t be more excited to see Greg thrive in this show. This dude has a long second career ahead of him in the media and we couldn’t have picked a better person to collaborate with.”

Olsen is the latest in a growing list of current and former athletes who have chosen to work with Blue Wire including Baron Davis, Megan Rapinoe, Ian Happ, and more. Olsen previously served as a studio analyst for the XFL in 2020 and auditioned for the MNF color commentator position before returning to the NFL on a one-year, 7 million dollar contract with the Seattle Seahawks.

In an interview with the Washington Post about the project, Olsen said, “Twenty years ago there were very traditional media outlets. There weren’t a lot of seats on pregame shows and broadcast chairs. With digital and podcasting and the amount of radio outlets — traditional stations but with satellite radio — there’s a billion ways to get your voice out. Guys are seeing those outlets and taking advantage.”

Blue Wire is now giving athletes an alternative to the big media companies. If you want your voice heard, Blue Wire can provide the resources and guidance to create something special.  The full “TE1” series will be released later this summer. For more updates, make sure you are following Greg Olsen on Twitter @gregolsen88 and Blue Wire @bluewirepods.

Blue Wire Launches Two Instagram Accounts

Blue Wire is bolstering its social media presence by launching two sport-specific Instagram accounts, @BlueWireNFL (formerly @ComedicNFL) and @BlueWireMLB (formerly @BSBfield). These two accounts used daily humor about football and baseball mostly through memes and funny videos to grow their audience. Blue Wire will maintain the essence of their content but will also supplement the accounts with additional posts about podcasts and news that align with the their followers’ interests. 

This push into the Instagram space is an example of how Blue Wire is expanding its social media presence in addition to its network. It will use the two mediums to complement one another, growing pages and the network together with the great content produced on each.

“Blue Wire is a podcast network first and foremost, but it’s important that as we grow we think about how our content is consumed outside of the traditional podcast format,” said Blue Wire’s social media strategist Rael Enteen. “We believe that the established audience on these Instagram accounts will love what we deliver, allowing us to establish a new fan base for Blue Wire content.”

Blue Wire will continue to maintain its main feed on Instagram, @bluewirepods, with podcast promotions and company news. For more Blue Wire content on social media, you can find us on Twitter @bluewirepods or on LinkedIn here.

Baron Davis Joins Blue Wire

Former NBA All-Star Baron Davis is joining Blue Wire as a podcaster, investor and brand ambassador. Davis will launch his own podcasting company within the network called Slic, which will feature shows about the NBA, investing, entrepreneurship, and more. In the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd, Davis has continually stressed that he wants his network to provide a voice and platform for Black people. Davis joins a growing list of athletes launching their podcast on Blue Wire, including WNBA Champion/MVP Sue Bird, USWMT Captain Megan Rapinoe and former NHL All-Star John Scott.

Following his 13-year career in the NBA, Davis has taken on a second career in business, media and entertainment. As an investor, he got involved in the early stages with Vitaminwater. As an entrepreneur, he has developed several entertainment companies under his Baron Davis Enterprises banner.  As an actor, he’s appeared in a combined 17 movies and television shows according to IMDb. His involvement in Blue Wire is just the latest step in his expanding media career.

“We should be thinking about the future of the media,” said Davis in an interview with Variety. “This is a new age. We’re building something from scratch for this generation.”

Davis’s decision to join Blue Wire as opposed to one of the giant podcasting companies also represents a growing trend among athletes. By joining Blue Wire instead of places like Barstool or The Ringer, Davis gets to keep more creative control for his network.

If you’re a pro athlete, you don’t have to run to ESPN anymore,” Blue Wire CEO Kevin Jones said. “At Blue Wire, we can give you resources and help you build something special.”

One of Davis’s first offerings on the network will be “The Point God Series,” where he will discuss the best point guards in NBA history. For more updates on Davis’s content or the rest of Blue Wire’s network, visit or follow us on Twitter @bluewirepods.

Blue Wire’s “Super Hoopers” Podcast Talks With Game of Zones Creators

On their latest episode, the Super Hoopers podcast sat down with the creators of the hit animated series “Game of Zones” to discuss the show’s series finale. The founders, Adam and Craig Malamut, also talked about their favorite episodes from the show, reactions from NBA players, what the original ending of the show was supposed to be, and a whole lot more. It was a highly entertaining podcast, and you can check the full interview out here.

The Bleacher Report parody show delivered its last episode of Season 7, the final season of the show, last Thursday when it used the Michael Jordan documentary as a launching point to close the GOAT debate once and for all. The show loosely mirrored HBO’s Game Of Thrones while also incorporating NBA storylines, jokes, and pop culture references. It aired short episodes on YouTube and gained popularity among NBA fans and players alike.

That made them the perfect guest for the Super Hoopers podcast. Hosted by David Futernick, Jon Hill, and Matt Hill, Super Hoopers is a satirical NBA podcast that covers the league’s most important stories with a humorous twist. They release episodes every week, and you really never know what you are in for. However, one thing is for sure. You are going to laugh every time.

The podcast joined Blue Wire just this year but has been active since 2015. For more Super Hoopers content, visit their podcast here or subscribe to them on your favorite podcast platform. For more Blue Wire content, check out our Twitter or visit Great work, guys.


New Podcast “Purple Insider” Reaches No. 14 On Apple Podcast Charts

Purple Insider, the latest addition to Blue Wire’s podcast network, is making waves in the sports podcasting space as it soars up the Apple Podcast charts. The Minnesota Vikings podcast, which debuted on Memorial Day, made it into Apple’s Top 200 list before releasing a full episode and has now risen to No. 14 in the sports category. As you can see in the picture below, Purple Insider is in some elite company.

The show is hosted by Matt Coller and discusses every aspect of Minnesota Vikings football. Matt comes to Blue Wire from 1500 ESPN in Minneapolis-St. Paul, where he covered the Vikings day-to-day beat and co-hosted a radio show about the team called Purple Daily. Matt remains a credentialed media member with the Vikings at Blue Wire, so his access to the team will not change.

“Matt is leading the charge of reporters who are monetizing independently of legacy media,” said Blue Wire CEO Kevin Jones. “His Vikings coverage is fantastic and his fans are following him away from SKOR for written and audio content. We’re excited to help support his podcast and his evolution as an NFL content creator.”

In the first episode of Purple Insider, Matt broke down the Minnesota Vikings schedule game-by-game with his former co-host Courtney Cronin. In the second episode, he and PFF’s Eric Eager did an in-depth analysis of the QB matchups for the first half of the Vikings season. The show will continue to release episodes every week.

We at Blue Wire could not be prouder of this start. Despite launching the podcast in the offseason and despite facing the challenges of the pandemic, Matt has persevered. Purple Insider’s early success is a testament to his talent. We can’t thank him and his fans enough for making the transition to podcasting, and we can’t wait to see what more he has in store for us. Welcome to the team, Matt.


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