On their latest episode, the Super Hoopers podcast sat down with the creators of the hit animated series “Game of Zones” to discuss the show’s series finale. The founders, Adam and Craig Malamut, also talked about their favorite episodes from the show, reactions from NBA players, what the original ending of the show was supposed to be, and a whole lot more. It was a highly entertaining podcast, and you can check the full interview out here.

The Bleacher Report parody show delivered its last episode of Season 7, the final season of the show, last Thursday when it used the Michael Jordan documentary as a launching point to close the GOAT debate once and for all. The show loosely mirrored HBO’s Game Of Thrones while also incorporating NBA storylines, jokes, and pop culture references. It aired short episodes on YouTube and gained popularity among NBA fans and players alike.

That made them the perfect guest for the Super Hoopers podcast. Hosted by David Futernick, Jon Hill, and Matt Hill, Super Hoopers is a satirical NBA podcast that covers the league’s most important stories with a humorous twist. They release episodes every week, and you really never know what you are in for. However, one thing is for sure. You are going to laugh every time.

The podcast joined Blue Wire just this year but has been active since 2015. For more Super Hoopers content, visit their podcast here or subscribe to them on your favorite podcast platform. For more Blue Wire content, check out our Twitter or visit members.bluewirepods.com. Great work, guys.



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