We are excited to introduce our newest editorial series: Blue Wire Q&A. We will speak with members of the Blue Wire team each week about podcasting trends in business, marketing, and more. The first installment of the series is with Blue Wire’s VP of Content, Peter Moses. Peter joined the network in 2019 after working for almost a decade as a producer in the Los Angeles area. He now oversees all of Blue Wire’s narrative projects, studio productions and original content. He also still does comedy and hosts two podcasts on the network: Air Buds and The Rebuild.

Recently, Peter oversaw the production for Golden Goal, a narrative podcast series about soccer legends and the moments that made them, and TE1, a mini-series from Greg Olsen about the history of the tight end position. We chatted with Peter this week about the shift to narrative content and his recent projects for Blue Wire.

Q: What is it about podcasting that makes it a good medium for narrative content?

A: People like good stories in all forms: audio, visual, literature. It may not be better than those other mediums, but we’re focused on telling good stories as well as we can that give Blue Wire an identifiable voice. Furthermore, we want our podcasters to be proud of the content we’re creating and excited to share and be affiliated with it.

Q: Why does it make sense for Blue Wire to pursue these narrative projects now? How can it help the company grow?

A: This is the natural step for how we can grow as a company. The regional network podcasts are the lifeblood of what we’ve built to this point. We have been developing an original content strategy since December 2019 and the pandemic just amplified our need to continue down this path. Audio breeds audio. When our podcasters are excited about the content we’re creating, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Q: What did you see in Golden Goal and TE1 that made them a good fit for original series?

A: These were both a byproduct of market strategy and opportunity. We want to execute on content that can be discovered for years to come. Greg Olsen is someone who has a long career ahead of him in sports media, so getting a chance to work with him was a no brainer.

Q: How can a narrative podcast like Golden Goal help amplify existing talent on the network like Brandon Kelley and Adam Snavely?

A: Our network is full of crazy talented people. When we’re exploring new ideas, the first place we look for talent is our own network. Every one of our hosts has so much going on outside of their podcasts that if we think there’s a chance to work with someone, we’re always going to pursue it.

Q: How can a project help a current or former athlete like Greg Olsen expand their platform?

A: Greg wanted to do something that was going to stand out, which is a credit to him. He’s been smart, hardworking and selfless throughout the entire process. He’s made our work easier and infinitely more enjoyable. A lot of athletes don’t have the time in their schedule to deliver on a classic weekly podcast, so it was important for us to set expectations for both him and the listeners from the top. We think that we have the creativity and production flexibility to help any athlete accomplish their podcast goals.

Q: What about these projects makes them unique? What about them is going to surprise people?

A: I think these projects are unique to us right now because we’re stepping into a new arena. People have been making incredible podcasts in and out of sports media for almost two decades. Our goal is to tell smart, funny, interesting and engaging stories in as many different formats as possible. Golden Goal is 10-minute narrated stories. TE1 is in-depth conversations with NFL Hall of Famers. I hope that when you look back at our content library a year from now, people are surprised by the variety of content.

Q: What have you learned from Blue Wire’s original projects so far?

A: We’re building the plane as it’s taking off. I’m learning something new every day. I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who are much more talented than I am. As we release more shows, we’ll continue to better understand what works and what doesn’t. I’m not doing my job if I’m not open to learning how to do things better. Hopefully, in July 2021, we can look back and say “This show was successful because of X. This one could have been better because of Y. This producer was great because of A, B and C.” Also, in a year it would be nice to have this conversation at a bar or coffee shop. If you’re reading this, please wear a mask so I can resume my social drinking habit. Thanks!

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