The Timeline and Rotoviz Overtime, two podcasts on the Blue Wire network, recorded their 100th episode in the past week, marking an important milestone in their growth and development. Hosted by Mike Vigil and Sam Cooper, The Timeline dives into the ins and outs of the Phoenix Suns. When Mike and Sam aren’t defending Devin Booker against the national media, they are talking to the most influential writers in the Phoenix area about their favorite team. If you are a Suns fan, it is a must listen. Rotoviz Overtime is a fantasy football podcast that gives players an edge by looking at the game through an in-depth analytical lens. Colm Kelly, Shawn Siegele, and and the rest of the team at Rotoviz give you everything you need to win your annual draft, DFS challenge, or dynasty league. Check out everything Rotoviz has to offer here.

For their 100th episode, The Timeline celebrated with a zoom-cast that included longtime listeners, guests, and friends. They talked about their favorite games, reacted to their listeners hottest Suns takes, and reminisced about the best moments so far in the podcast’s almost two-year history. It was certainly a little chaotic with as many as 22 people on the call, but it was also a great way to celebrate the success of the podcast and all the people that helped get to the point it’s at today.

Rotoviz Overtime took slightly a different approach, recording a normal episode with a twist. Colm and Shawn don’t usually have guests on the podcast, but for their 100th episode, they welcomed on five different guests to give five different bold predictions about the 2020 NFL rookie class. These guests were also influential figures in getting the podcast off the ground and developing Rotoviz, so their appearance was also meant to recognize them for their contributions.

Congratulations to both podcasts, and keep up the great work!


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