Blue Wire is happy to announce its latest partnership with Thuzio, a sports media and events company founded by Tiki Barber, Jared Augustine and Mark Gerson. Thuzio produces a weekly, live-sports interview show featuring professional athletes and sports personalities from across the country for a members-only audience. Now, with the help of Blue Wire, they are re-packaging all of their fantastic exclusive audio from these events and turning it into a podcast.

“Thuzio, Live & Unfiltered” shares their interviews with sports legends as they discuss their paths to success, unknown details from their career, and the life lessons that they’ve learned along the way. The podcast releases every Wednesday and has already featured an amazing list of guests ranging from Scottie Pippen to Michael Irvin to Ryan Sandberg. These athletes open up about the best and worst parts of their career in these vulnerable, sometimes very emotional interviews.

Blue Wire’s partnership with Thuzio is another illustration of how they can help media companies continue to expand into the audio space. Audio can be a primary tool or an auxiliary piece. Blue Wire recognizes that and can lead companies in the right direction based on what makes the most sense for them. In this case, there was a clear way Thuzio could use podcasting as an addition to the great work they were already doing. It’s just another demonstration of how Blue Wire is constantly looking for opportunities to partner in areas where audio content is being underutilized as a tool in a company’s toolbox.


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