Blue Wire has struck deals with Brooklinen, Parce Rum and Manscaped to be new partners with the network. During a challenging period without sports, Blue Wire remained creative and consistent with its content. We made our first dive into historic and original narrative content with The City of Champions and Golden Goal series while continuing the other great content on the network. These new partnerships with Brooklinen, Parce Rum and Manscaped reflect that hard work across the network as advertisers now know they can count on Blue Wire to deliver no matter the circumstances.

Brooklinen identified Puck Bunnies as a great fit to work with their product. Audrey Bowler and Christina Squiers are two strong, opinionated women in the hockey media that cover everything NHL on their podcast. Brooklinen wanted to support these two women in a male-dominated space. Their sheets, comforters, robes, candles, and more can be found on their website Make sure to use the promo code BLUEWIRE for 10% off and free shipping.

The Compound, hosted by Cubs CF Ian Happ, is partnering with Parce Rum on its podcast for the duration of the 2020 MLB season. Ian is one of several athletes on the list that have chosen to join Blue Wire this summer. That also includes names like Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird, and Greg Olsen. Parce Rum saw Ian’s podcast as a great way to promote its brand as the best Columbian rum in the market. Visit for more details.

Finally, Blue Wire is excited to announce a deal with Manscaped that will include several podcasts. Manscaped selected 20 podcasts across the network that it saw as a good fit to work with their shaving and other male grooming products. If you want to learn more about what Manscaped offers, visit the link here, and make sure to listen to your favorite podcasts like Bronx Pinstripes, Rotoviz Radio, Always Cheating, Dropping The Gloves, Veteran’s Minimum, Raider Cody, and more for their customized promotional codes.

These deals coincide with industry-wide news about the growth of advertising in the podcast space. The Interactive Advertising Buereau just released a study that found advertising revenue was up 48% across the industry in 2019 and is still up 14.7% this year from that despite the pandemic. Blue Wire will continue to explore mutually beneficial partnerships like these three as sports re-enter the picture.


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