I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. It has been a long time since we saw something on TV that resembled live sports, but finally, we got a little taste with the NFL Draft and now reliving (or maybe seeing for the first time) Michael Jordan’s legacy with The Last Dance Documentary. Hopefully, we see some of our favorite athletes return to the field/court/ice soon — it feels like there could be a glimmer of hope on the horizon — but even if they don’t return soon, and these TV events end, we’re more determined than ever to deliver high-quality sports content. We’ve talked about how Blue Wire would continue to add content and start our journey into the narrative podcast space, and well, we’ve done just that.  Over the past month, we’ve added five new podcasts to the family and produced/launched our first narrative podcast series alongside our great Cavalier’s show, The Chase Down.

Below is a rundown of the new shows on the Blue Wire network that cover the NFL, NBA, NHL, Boxing, and eSports.  We’re very excited to welcome these talented creators into the Blue Wire family!

The Boxing Rant joined the network with a bang. Kenny Keith and Vince Cummings bring some heat on this podcast, covering boxing with an intense level of passion that comes from their true love of the sport. They provide the most in-depth fight previews and deliver the most complete analysis of any podcast in the industry. The Boxing Rant has already made some big waves in the boxing community, and we are very excited to have them as part of the Blue Wire Network.

Dunks and Discourse join the network as our second NBA national podcast. Josh Eberley and Jabari Davis take a broad look at the NBA while talking about the latest news and trends across social media and the entertainment world. These guys are going in-depth on topics like The Last Dance, KD’s beef with Steph Curry fans, and the Basketball Hall of Fame.  They may not always agree, but that’s a good thing. 😏

Talking Hockey continues our expansion into covering the NHL. These guys have built a highly-engaged Instagram account, amassing over 10K followers on their page. Now, they’re bringing that community to their new podcast where they talk all things hockey, all the time. They join Dropping The Gloves, Puck Bunnies, and the Forever Mighty Podcast to form Blue Wire’s expanding hockey coverage.

Fin It To Win It is re-launching their NFL podcast covering the Miami Dolphins. Reilly Bradshaw and Mason Engelhardt bring you the latest news, rumors, and storylines for one of the most exciting young teams in the league. They’ll talk about everything you need to know around the Dolphins offseason, including the guy some think could be the Dolphin’s savior, Tua Tagovailoa. Great to have these guys on board!

Of course, the one sport that has been going strong — in fact, growing — during the pandemic is eSports. Blue Wire is excited to welcome CODCAST, an eSports podcast about Call of Duty. CODCAST will join forces with Blue Wire’s other eSports partner, Preediction, to build on their expansive coverage of the industry. They will also live on Preediction’s feed so listeners can have a great one-stop-shop for all eSports information.

In addition to our new podcasts, Blue Wire made its first foray into the narrative sports podcast space. The Chase Down, a podcast covering the Cleveland Cavaliers, launched a seven-part series on the 2016 NBA Finals called “A City Of Champions.”

These seven podcasts went through the legendary 2016 matchup with game-by-game coverage and commentary from host’s Carter and Justin, alongside high profile guests like ESPN’s Bomani Jones, The Athletic’s Ethan Strauss, and current Cavaliers player Larry Nance Jr. They talked through every momentum-changing play, each storyline, and the legacy impact of the series. The series was recognized in the Cleveland Scene and in Tom Ziller’s Good Morning, It’s Basketball newsletter. Hosts of The Chase Down, Justin Rowan and Carter Rodriguez devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort for this series to come to life, and we could not be more proud of our first narrative podcast endeavor.

As we move forward, Blue Wire plans to continue our expansion into narrative content, so be on the lookout for more podcast series’ like “City of Champions.” We certainly miss sports like everyone else, so we’ve taken this strange time in history and viewed it as an opportunity to think more creatively, expand our limits, and push the audio coverage to new places so we can grow what Blue Wire can do for our listeners.


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