Blue Wire is bolstering its social media presence by launching two sport-specific Instagram accounts, @BlueWireNFL (formerly @ComedicNFL) and @BlueWireMLB (formerly @BSBfield). These two accounts used daily humor about football and baseball mostly through memes and funny videos to grow their audience. Blue Wire will maintain the essence of their content but will also supplement the accounts with additional posts about podcasts and news that align with the their followers’ interests. 

This push into the Instagram space is an example of how Blue Wire is expanding its social media presence in addition to its network. It will use the two mediums to complement one another, growing pages and the network together with the great content produced on each.

“Blue Wire is a podcast network first and foremost, but it’s important that as we grow we think about how our content is consumed outside of the traditional podcast format,” said Blue Wire’s social media strategist Rael Enteen. “We believe that the established audience on these Instagram accounts will love what we deliver, allowing us to establish a new fan base for Blue Wire content.”

Blue Wire will continue to maintain its main feed on Instagram, @bluewirepods, with podcast promotions and company news. For more Blue Wire content on social media, you can find us on Twitter @bluewirepods or on LinkedIn here.


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